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Who is behind cphbags?

As an independent Danish business woman with a busy day-to-day life, juggling home life with a husband and three sons with the welcome pressure of a business, entrepreneurship is favoured over television and reading novels.

’If you want something done, ask a busy person´. This proverb could be about me, because I simply cannot stop developing ideas and I have a passion for environmental solutions. The material used for the cphbags is something that I am very pleased with as it has been made from recycled plastic bottles. The material is of high quality and is extremely durable, and I find it to be an elegant choice. In addition the use of repurposed plastic bottles makes so much sense for the responsible shopper in this day and age.

An actual need for a multi-purpose, durable shopping bag is what sparked the idea for my first cphbags model 1 – the patented shopping bag with separate compartmens for delicate groceries. The bag turned out to be the perfect carryon for grocery shopping as well as ideal for computer gear, trips to the gym, changing necessities for baby, weekend trips and beyond. The perfect and indispensable bag with multiple carrying options!

The CPHBAGS series is constantly growing, and I am very happy to listen to the wishes of our dealers and customers. New models are always created with a special focus on optimization in relation to the use of material, so we minimize material waste. Eg. is mega weekendbag produced from a full width fabric and the handbag of 1/2 fabric width, so we on these models have no material waste. The luxury tote bag, toiletry bag and cosmetic bag are all produced from material that is left over after production of the shopping bag and weekend bag.

Maria Nouvel Buch-Jakobsen

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