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Shopping bag made from recycled plastic bottles

98% post-consumer RECYCLED PET, GRS certified

The idea behind the Danish designed bags from cphbags

The idea behind the luxury shopping bag from cphbags comes from a concrete need for a more practical shopping bag. In addition to a practical need it was of course also a must that the bag should be nice and fashionable and made in a delicious quality so you feel like using the bag every day .. It is therefore made of black quilted fabric with wide comfortable straps. The fabric is incredibly soft and of the highest quality, which makes the bag durable.

Do something good for the environment by buying an environmentally friendly bag from cphbags that is made from 98% recycled plastic bottles. In addition you do not have to buy expensive bags in the supermarket every time you go shopping.

Buy environmentally friendly danish designed bags from cphbags

cphbags is behind the patented luxury shopping bag made of recycled plastic bottles. The bag is ultra-soft and has a unique design featuring separate compartments that allows for separation of delicate groceries such as eggs, herbs, tomatoes, macaroons and crisps to spare them from getting crushed on your way home. In addition to the two separate compartments and the main compartment the bag features four small pocket options for keys, wallets, mobil phone and small extras for optimal organization.

The bag is both spacious and practical and is ideal for a lot of different purposes besides shopping. You can for example use it for a picnic bag, for the beach trip, for training clothes, as a diaper bag etc. Whatever you choose to use the bag for you can find your things easier and faster due to the patented compartment division.

luxury on the shopping trip

cphbags shopping bag - when luxury and high functionality go hand in hand with sustainability. Finally, a beautiful luxury shopping bag in high quality, which withstands daily use. Your faithful follower on the shopping trip when it must be both practical, smart and nice to shop.

For the quality-conscious woman and man who appreciates functionality and durability.

cphbags - brings enjoyment in daily use

cphbags helps you get an overview of what is in the bag. Whether it is the handbag, the weekend bag, the mega weekend bag or the shopping bag, the many compartments and pockets ensure that you maintain an overview of what is where. Finish with everything lying around in a large room - now you have order and an overview in your bag. Your daily enjoyment - cphbags.

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