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Regardless of whether the bag is large or small, there is a need for a good overview of the contents, which is why most of our models are produced according to our patented technique, where you fold one piece of fabric in a very special way, which creates 7 compartments. When a bag is produced from one piece of fabric, durability is increased, which we further support with the fact that the handles go all the way around the bag. 


Our bags are designed for everyday use, and therefore multifunctionality is a great advantage, because regardless of whether we are going to work, school, shopping, training, in a mother's group, on a weekend trip or to the beach, cphbags are perfect to take with. These are high-quality bags that can withstand daily use, and they can be washed if the need arises, and they are easy to fold and do not take up much space when not in use.


Choosing sustainable material is common sense and makes good sense. After careful examination of the possibilities for the production of recycled material, we have chosen that our collection will be produced from recycled plastic bottles (RPET material). The material for use in our production is specially manufactured in a factory in China, which for several years has specialized in this very special technique, which the recycling of plastic bottles requires. The fabric itself, the bands and the zips are produced from recycled plastic bottles, so we come up to a whopping 98% RPET. The sewing thread and our little logo are not made of plastic bottles, and therefore we do not hit 100%. For us, sustainability is the most important thing, and we continuously work to ensure the best opportunities for the production of cphbags. Some look with great skepticism at production in China, and therefore you should also know that we make high demands on our business partners and the conditions they give their employees. The factory is BSCI certified, which is your guarantee of responsibility and transparency in production. The employees must be ensured decent conditions, and there is no question of child labour. In order to obtain and retain its BSCI certification, high demands are placed on the factory on an ongoing basis - both financially high demands to obtain the certification, but also high demands in everyday life which must ensure good working conditions for the employees. Via a Danish business partner, we have our own control at the factory during the production of our bags, because it is crucial for us that we support ensuring the right conditions.



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